Screen shots of SSHAuth module for usermin

This modules provides simplified (and restricted) way to add new SSH pubkeys.

See source code.
Download sshauth.wbm.gz.

No keys (or no $HOME/.ssh/authorizedkeys file)

Add a new key

Users can just copy&paste the content of their pubkey file.
The module will do the rest (parse it, validate it, then add it to the authorizedkey file).

List existing keys

All SSH2 keys in authorized_keys are listed, including invalid ones, and keys with additional options (however, there is no way to add new key with options, and invalid keys will be rejected).

View key

Show key details, allow users to delete this key.

View key - with options

If a key has additional options, they are displayed - but can not be modified. Users can not add SSH key with options using this module (that's on purpose).